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Brazing Service, Inc. For three generations, family owned and operated Brazing Service, Inc has been providing silver brazing, copper brazing and aluminum brazing services to a wide variety of commercial and industrial customers, both domestic and international, including the automotive, aviation, medical, pneumatic, hydraulic, industrial & electrical component industries.

24480 Sperry Circle
Westlake, OH 44145
Phone: (440) 871-1120
Fax: (440) 871-1121

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Rotary Torch Brazing

Rotary torch brazing employs the same process as manual torch brazing, except the brazing process is partially automated. The parts being brazed are mounted on a rotary table and then are indexed to the torches. Single or multiple brazing torches can be configured at each station on the rotary torch brazing table. Soldering can also be performed using the rotary table.

Brazing Service, Inc. can configure and execute a wide range of brazing and soldering operations via our rotary torch brazing unit. To find out more about our rotary torch brazing services, please call us at (440) 871-1120 or use our online contact form.

24480 Sperry Circle
Westlake, OH 44145
(440) 871-1120

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